Dog Working as Canine Ambassador at Upscale Hotel

Geo Beats

by Geo Beats

A dog is working as a canine ambassador at an upscale hotel.

Every dog has a unique personality. A female yellow Labrador in Edmonton, named Smudge is working as a canine ambassador at the Fairmont Hotel Macdonald after she couldn’t prove her worth as a Seeing Eye Dog.

Her new role seems to be fitting. The 5-year-old pet simply rests on a big pillow near the concierge desk and enthusiastically greets human guests as they come in.

Visitors of the hotel can sign up to take her for walks so she’s getting plenty of attention. The pooch’s owner stated “She’s a career-change dog. Smudge wasn’t going to pass her test to be a guide dog and Fairmont works with the Canadian National Institute for the Blind for guide dogs and she’s come to work at our hotels. She’s a little too friendly … which is perfect for us here.”

Another canine ambassador named Edie works five days a week at the Fairmont Hotel in Pittsburgh.

A hotel authority describes her role stating “Edie accompanies guests on walks throughout the city, greets guests, visits meeting breaks upon request and attends community events.”