My Little Disney: Welcome to the Forty Thieves

Daga Yemar
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It's unfortunate, but this two uploads a week thing might be continuing for the near future. Dr Horrible is proving to be a lot more difficult than I'd prepared for, and unlike these that one is on a deadline. Gotta put my priorities where they're needed for the moment.

I finally got to do another villain mash-up again, and it was just as much fun as the last time! Those with a careful eye will be able to figure out more of my cast from this one before we get to Saluk's big number, but there should be at least one surprise or two left. We'll see, I suppose...

I do not own My Little Pony or Disney... or do I? The funny thing about the internet is that I could be anyone! Wouldn't it be hilarious if I turned out to be Brian Goldner or Bob Iger this whole time? Of course, either of them could probably afford a better video maker than mine...