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Sarah Simmons interview:
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Sad night for Adam Levine last night on 'The Voice', Judith Hill and Sarah Simmons were sent home—to a Country Adam 'hates', we'll explain. Hey guys you're watching your VOICE-CAP here on ClevverMusic. It was the biggest shock of the season last night on 'The Voice' when at the very last minute of the show two of Team Adam's contestants were sent home, dwindling the Top 8 down to 6. The bottom four included all three of Adam's remaining ladies: Amber Carrington, Judith Hill, and Sarah Simmons, along with Team Blake's Holly Tucker. When Carson Daly announced that Amber Carrington was saved Adam put on his best poker face but mumbled something that he now likely regrets, take a look.

Adam's "I hate this Country" remark had everyone talking moments after the show ended with critics calling him a "communist". Hours after the show Adam responded via his Twitter posting four separate tweets with the definition of the words "joke" "humorless" "lighthearted" and "misunderstood". So he's clearly telling us he was being sarcastic—of course he was! It's Adam we're talking about here.

Following that buzzworthy moment, Holly Tucker from Team Blake was also saved, sending Judith Hill and Sarah Simmons home. Many didn't see this coming, and we talked to the eliminated contestants after the show. Sarah told us, "I had a tiny feeling" that she would go home due to her not picking the Goyte song choice from the night before. To see if she has any regrets, but sure to check out our interview with her. Other eliminated lady Judith Hill admitted to us, "Yeah I was a little surprised...but I'm glad to leave on a high note". Judith also said she's not sure she would recommend trying out for 'The Voice' to her friends because, "'s not really just about the voice," so you will definitely want to check out that full interview. Links are below.

Now, for some lighthearted entertainment on the show, 'The Voice' mentor Sheryl Crow performed her new song with Team Blake, called "Easy" check it out.

Ha! That's pretty cute that Coach Blake looked proud and was singing along to the track. It's your turn you guys! Do you think the right contestants were sent home or were you totally shocked too? Tell us! And keep it here on ClevverMusic for more 'The Voice' news and updates. I'm Misty Kingma see you all soon.