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    Xbox One’s Advantage Over PlayStation 4 Defined - Nick's Gaming View Episode #187


    by TheGamerAccess

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    Xbox One’s advantage over PlayStation 4 defined, inFAMOUS Second Son implements impressive technology, and season pass for The Last of Us leaked with details, THIS IS NICK’S GAMING VIEW!

    Hello everyone and welcome to Nick’s Gaming View, you are here with your host, Nick McCandless. Avalanche Studios, the team behind the Just Cause franchise who recently commented on PlayStation 4’s current advantage over the Xbox One in power, has released another statement defining what Xbox One currently has over the PlayStation 4. Stating that Xbox One’s cloud-side computing is “definitely an area where the Xbox One has a step up over PS4”, Avalanche Studios also revealed “It's perfect for open-world games like ours as it enables techniques to make the game worlds more alive and social, such as persistence and asynchronous multiplayer features,” With cloud technology upgradeable outside of the consoles themselves, such statement could also change, but regardless, it’s nice to know that both Sony and Microsoft will have much to improve with their consoles to compete and proof their console as the better choice.

    inFAMOUS Second Son, one of my most anticipated PlayStation 4 titles announced, has become even more interesting thanks to a reveal from Sucker Punch, developer behind the upcoming release. With the city of Seattle being populated by AI characters, Sucker Punch has turned it up a notch by recruiting 75 friends, family members, and professionals to sit in front of a complex camera installment with absolutely no movement as the lenses strobed out layers of their faces. While such implementation may seem minor, its satisfying to see developers focus on more than just the prettiness of their next-generation titles.

    Wrapping up Nick’s Gaming View, with June 14th just a couple weeks away, hype for Naughty Dog’s upcoming release, The Last of Us is soaring. In fact, the title’s very own Season Pass has leaked providing an overview of what to expect if one invests the $20. Three DLC packs including more story, maps and The Last of Us at a $30 value, “Grounded”, a 90 minute making of video, and exclusive upgrades including: increased crafting speed, increased healing speed, 9mm reload speed upgrade, and rifle clip capacity upgrade. As one anticipating potentially the last blockbuster release from Naughty Dog on current generation consoles, I will be sure to pick up the season pass and encourage everyone else looking for the full experience to do so as well.

    Well that concludes today’s episode of Nick’s Gaming View but be sure to follow me on Twitter @NickMcCandless and check back daily for Nick’s Gaming View for your daily access pass to all things gaming.