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    One Second Green Light Installed in China

    Geo Beats

    by Geo Beats

    A traffic light in China allows drivers only one second between changes.

    Don't we all wish that traffic lights stayed green just a tad bit longer when we are passing through an intersection. Well, consider yourself lucky for what you have.

    Because a traffic light installed at an intersection in a Chinese town gives drivers one second to make a move before it turns red again according to RocketNews24.

    Clearly, that isn’t enough time to pass through, resulting in possible fines to all who try.

    The penalty for not stopping at a red light in some parts of China isn’t that much – about a dollar fifty in American money. Still, it could potentially add up.

    In another town there’s one that stays green for a whole 5 seconds – just enough time for one car to pass through.

    Other than knowing that lights should last longer than one to five seconds, targeting an average or ideal amount of time can be tough.

    What would you do if your neighborhood traffic light stayed green for only one second?