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    Meet the Last Living Man Born in the 19th Century

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    Check out the last man alive from the 19th century.

    Japan’s Jiroemon Kimura is the last living man born in the 19th century, and, at 116 years old, the oldest man in the world.

    He was born on April 19th of 1897 and has lived to see 4 Japanese emperors and 61 prime ministers.

    Mr. Kimura credits his longevity to eating small meals. He also, through his own admission, spends a lot of time in bed.

    At present, he lives with the widows of his son and grandson, aged 83 and 59.

    Kimura, as mentioned, is the only man born in the 1800s still alive today, but there are about 20 women born before 1901 still kicking.

    Living past 100 is truly impressive, but in general women tend to live longer than men – about 5 to 10 years longer, in fact.

    Of all people over the age of 100, about 85 percent of them are women.

    Science has discovered several beneficial biological factors women have over men.

    Lifestyle explanations for women outliving men run the gamut from having healthier habits to being less aggressive.