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    Thong Cape Scooter Man Going Viral

    Geo Beats

    by Geo Beats

    The Thong Cape Scooter Man drives by an elementary school.

    Who's the most colorful character in your neighborhood?

    Here’s what you probably wouldn’t want to see first thing in the morning – a near-naked man driving a scooter. Police in Madison, Wisconsin were called on May 16th after a 56-year-old male opted to go for a very public cruise on his two-wheeled vehicle wearing only a thong, a cape, sneakers and a smile.

    Employees at John F. Kennedy Elementary School were not happy that children had witnessed the scantily clad male. A police sergeant tracked the man down and stated “He said he exercised poor judgment by going by the school at that time of day, it was unintentional and he just happened to be traveling through the area.”

    Law enforcement authorities looked into whether any laws had been broken, but amazingly, none had. The male is simply called ‘Thong Cape Scooter Man’ and he’s a well-known local character who chronicles his thong-wearing scooter journeys online.