Brazil Buys Robocops For Olympics

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The Brazilian government invests in Robocops for Olympics.

Brazil is hosting Pope Francis the summer of 2013, the FIFA World Cup in 2014, not to mention the next summer Olympics in 2016.

To prepare for these high profile events, the Brazilian government is paying iRobot 7 point 2 million dollars for 30 of their 510 PackBot surveillance robots. The company, while well known for their round vacuum robots, also provides unmanned robots for military search and rescue operations.

The robots are going to patrol the construction site of the Olympic stadium as a form of security.

The 510 PackBots are designed to come with all kinds of high tech gadgets like cameras, explosive detection, and bomb defusing tools.

Models of the PackBot are waterproof, can right themselves if they tip over or are upside down, and can survive a six-foot drop.

The PackBots will not be the only mechanical surveillance device used in Brazil during these upcoming events.

Brazilian police are getting facial recognition camera glasses, and the government has also ordered drone aircrafts from Israel, and anti-aircraft tanks from Germany.