David Cameron goes tripping in Ibiza while Big Brother takes the wheel in UK



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David Cameron's funny timing for his Ibiza trip right after the Woolwich attack and with Nigel Farage's Ukip gone nuts has Tories talking.

The Conservative Party's far right members have had it with David Cameron's liberal sensibilities. First he openly supported gay marriage and kicked the EU membership ball down the field all the way to 2017. Now he's headed off to Ibiza just a week after terrorists killed one guy and were then arrested. Right-wing Tories think Cameron should be guiding the nation's Big Brother-like internal surveillance apparatus, but Cameron insists the Ofcom's got it covered this week.

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Opinion polls tend to agree with Cameron, but that doesn't matter to Ukip, who are on the warpath and likely to split the conservative vote in the EU elections next year.

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