Virtual Movie Theater the Future of Home Movies?

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Have you ever wanted to have a movie theater in your house, but you didn't quite have the budget for it? Yeah, that's pretty much everyone, me included. Well, what if I told you you could, in fact, have that movie theater experience AND have it in 3D literally from the comfort of your own home? Are you starting to get excited yet?? Well, you should because it is totally happening thanks to a Korean team at UXGround that developed a virtual theater experience using the Oculus Rift system, which is basically a virtual reality system that comes to you in the form of a goggle type contraption that you strap to your head, and it will then visually put you inside of a movie theater where you can watch your favorite movies, and in 3D even, from the comfort of wherever you are! The Oculus Rift system was developed as a video game tool that puts you inside of the game, with a 360 degree view. And from some of the videos I've seen of people using it, it seems to be so real that it's scary...and hilarious to watch from outside of the goggles! The Oculus Rift system is not yet available at your local retailer, but we expect them to be super affordable, as you can get your hands on a dev kit for around $300, so perhaps the movie version of this will also be something that everyone can afford to own. Not to mention that having this type of experience for movies could be pretty epic, especially when you think about watching something virtually that's action packed like The Avengers or a Star Trek movie, from the comfort of your own home, or even on the go. Think about how amazing this would be to help pass the time on a long flight? Pretty cool stuff. According to, the VR Cinema will put you inside the actual movie theater, where you can walk around and chose your seat, and it's so real that Ben Kuchera from the Penny Arcade Report says that you can lock him inside of a closet and he wouldn't feel claustrophobic at all because he says he feels completely alone that that during his experience he just feels like he is surrounded by space. So how does this sound to you all? Do you think that something like this could ever replace actually seeing a movie in a movie theater? Or, would you always prefer the real deal over a virtual version? I am super curious to hear your thoughts on this, so go ahead and leave those for us down in the comments, and make sure you also send us a tweet as well over @ClevverMovies. Thank you all for staying here with us for your movie fix. Until the next video, Im Erin White.