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    K-News - Sonic Lost Worlds, Arkham Origins Teaser and DC Scribblenauts


    by knightwing01

    Batman Arkham Origins gets new teaser of Slade Vs Batman!

    Scribblenauts Unmasked Trailer inside thanks to WB Games. Maxwell and over 2,000 DC Comic characters collide in the upcoming Wii U & 3DS Adventure this Fall.

    Precursor Games shows the CRY3Engine in action for the 2014 Wii U Game Shadows of the Eternals. The sequel to Eternal Darkness released on the Nintendo Gamecube over 10 years ago.

    SEGA may have let the Hedgehog out of the bag and the newest game headed to Wii U or 3DS could very well be Sonic: Lost Worlds.

    Super Metriod is now on the WiiU Eshop for only 30 cents. Download the game NOW because this offer ends the 1st week of June.

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