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    Monaco 2013 Kimi Räikkönen Interview on Perez - We should punch him in the face

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    Essi Kimi

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    Kimi: He tried to pass me once and I looked in the mirror. He was way too fast and he could have hit me there already, when I would not have avoided it. He has no clue of what would have happend. Driving aggressively is ok, but driving silly not. He cannot even make the corner by himself. He should have realise that people in front of him trying to avoid because he would have hit them otherwise. That is not the first time that it happend and it is very diappointing when there is someone like that, who hits you all the time.

    Reporter: Yes, he was responsible for many of such situations. Is that maybe something that all drivers should discuss together with him?

    Kimi: It is just... I don´t know. Maybe we should hit him in the face that he knows it.