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    Clinton, Obama, Edwards, Dodd 01/17/07


    by CindyPDX

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    January 17, 2007

    Various news bits from today regarding Hillary Clinton's speech (she's just returned from visiting Iraq), Barak Obama , John Edwards, and Chris Dodd.

    See an interview with Hillary Clinton from Jan 17 2007 here:

    Also hear what some members in Congress had to say to Rice regarding Iraq and Bush's "surge"
    From January 11 2007 here:

    It's no wonder Clinton said what she has said after reading this:

    1/18/2007 Los Angeles Times
    Nour al Maliki
    Excerpts from an interview Wednesday with Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri Maliki in Baghdad
    READ this here:

    Maliki has constantly blamed the US for ALL failures in Iraq and NEVER takes any blame for himself when in fact he and his malitia backed government are ALOT OF THE PROBLEM in Iraq!

    The US needs to get the h3ll out of Iraq. We should not expect the US Soldiers to FIX what Bush broke and put them in the middle of a CIVIL WAR.
    Enough is enough!!!

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    **Update- Clinton running for 2008 President: