Wing Fragments From 747 Strike Woman's House

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Wing fragments from a Boeing 747 strike a woman's house.

Planes pose a danger, not only to those who are in the air but also to people on the ground.

Federal authorities are currently looking into why pieces of a Boeing 747 landed on a woman’s house in Georgia.
A portion of the aircraft’s wing struck Pamela Ware’s residence. The piece hit the roof and landed in her yard. Luckily she survived the ordeal.

A 20-foot section from the plane was also located in a nearby Wal-Mart parking lot. Apparently, the 747 was about 5 miles from the airport
when parts of the right wing flap ripped off and crashed to the ground.

Thankfully the pilot landed the aircraft safely.

Last year, an Essex cathedral sustained roof and beam damages when a massive chunk of ice from an airplane plummeted from the sky and crashed through the roof. The incident took place on a Sunday while church proceedings were underway.

While no one was injured, Father James MacKay, who was citing a prayer at the time of the incident claimed it sounded similar to an 'explosion'.