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    Cockroaches Outsmart Sugar Traps

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    by Geo Beats

    Cockroaches outsmart sugar traps.

    Cockroaches once again showed that they’re one of the most adaptable pests on the planet.

    A European strain of cockroaches has developed a disdain for sweets, and rejects bait traps disguised with sugar.

    Their taste receptors have mutated to perceive sweet glucose as an unpalatable bitter taste. As a result, they stop eating it and move on to something else.

    Scientists have long suspected something was amiss when some pest control specialists reported roaches literally wouldn’t take the bait.

    They proved their theory by studying the specific, super-resilient group, offering them a choice of peanut butter or jelly. The subjects showed atypical cockroach behavior by refusing to eat the jelly and flocking to the peanut butter.

    The experiment findings were confirmed by neurological examinations.

    Other survival mechanisms cockroaches have developed over time are being able to survive a week without a head and for up to a month without food.

    The cockroach is thought to have been around for over 280 million years.