World's Largest Solar Powered Boat Vying for Speed Record

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Switzerland's solar powered boat may have broken a word record with a 22-day long journey.

The world’s largest solar powered boat could potentially be a new world record holder for the fastest transatlantic crossing by a solar electric vessel. The Swiss boat PlanetSolar, sailed 2,867 miles over the course of 22 days, from Spain to St. Martin.

While it only traveled at a speed of about 7 miles per hour, it completed the journey 4 days faster than the last year’s title holder. Guinness World Records is currently validating the claim.

Although the slow speed doesn’t sound like much, you have to take into consideration that zero fossil fuels were used to power her, and no carbon emissions were produced. The crew was forced to make several detours due to weather conditions in order to manage energy usage but that allowed the boat to maintain a consistent speed.

Another innovative vehicle, the German 'Wind Explorer' car was able to travel 3,000 miles across Australia by using less than $15 dollars in electricity.
The vehicle has lithium ion batteries. And also a kite or parachute-like object which propels it forward with the help of a light gust.