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    Woman Run Over Several Times by Her Own Car

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    by Geo Beats

    A woman was run over several times by her own car.

    Delivering newspapers is not an easy job. A woman in Quebec was recently run over during her route. Specifically, the unidentified lady was struck three separate times by her own vehicle.

    While dropping off news reports on patrons’ doorsteps, something went horribly wrong. As she stepped out of what she thought was her parked car, the female was hit by the automobile’s open door. She was knocked to the ground and ran over. It turns out, the vehicle was actually in reverse.

    The woman pulled herself up and tried to shift gears, but she was hit again. The same thing happened on the third attempt to stop the car.

    Nearby residents heard the lady’s screams and rushed to help. She was taken to the hospital for treatment.

    Last year, officers in Salem, Massachusetts responded to an accident site, where they found 40-year-old Brian Reynolds lying on the pavement. He told police that his brakes stopped functioning so he opened the driver's side door and stuck his leg out in an effort to stop the 25-year-old truck.

    He was hospitalized for minor injuries and ticketed $35 for driving with defective equipment.