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    May 24, 2013 Live Stream Archive


    by LinusTechTips

    After party :

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    1:20 GG Russian
    12:13 3D printed food and soylent
    19:41 EA is producing Wii games but not very many
    25:40 Australia prints some guns, goes well... and not so well
    31:18 Pizza gun. Epic.
    34:07 Google Supports V9 Video codec
    52:09 Further generations of current products... nerd out session!
    57:17 AT&T adds 0.61$ fee to bills, rakes in 100's of millions
    1:02:40 Intelliscope - Iphone attachments for guns
    1:03:33 Xbox One general overview with some PS4 thrown in
    1:34:00 Wii U sales increase 386%
    1:34:42 Titan, Bilzzard's new MMO
    1:36:55 18 year old invents insane super capacitor
    1:37:67 Red Dragon can record up to 6K resolutions
    1:41:00 AMD loses its second place position for the first time since the early 90's
    1:42:14 It's called Jif, not Gif

    We tried to do Build logs and the stream crashed, we are going to change our build log segment style and hopefully massively improve it!