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    Surf Sumatra, Kandui Villas


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    Kandui Villas luxury resort is situated on a remote tropical island surrounded by the best waves in the world, and is designed for families looking to make their holiday getaway one they will remember for the rest of their lives !

    This high-end establishment features deluxe accommodations, infinity pool, and gourmet meals, and is blessed to be located in the most wave-rich zone in the world, the Playgrounds region of the Mentawai Islands of Indonesia, making it the premier surfing destination. The surf here provides options for everyone, with breaks ranging from friendly peeling beginner waves to legitimate draining freight train barrels, and including everything in between.
    Our non-surfing guests also have a multitude of other activities to select from, including the infinity pool, yoga and exercise building, ping pong and pool tables, among other options, along with the opportunity to relax and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere of our secluded location, soaking up the surrounding white sand beaches and turquoise ocean.

    Featuring the best accommodations, the best food, the best waves, and the best location, Kandui Villas is definitely the best value for everyone looking to make the most of their family vacation. Kandui Villas is a true paradise, a dream holiday getaway for everyone looking to turn their dreams into reality !


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