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    Meditation on Being - Eric Allen Bell


    by keng577ukn

    "Meditation on Being" By Eric Allen Bell. Being is what you are.
    Nothing you do will make you more or less than that. Whether you are a
    criminal or a saint, your state of Being is unchanged and eternal. Only
    the awareness changes. Nothing you do in the world will change your
    state of Being. Whether you are a good spouse, devoutly religious, a
    high achiever or a dope fiend - there is nothing to be done to make you
    better or worse at the level of Being. Building temples does not bring
    about salvation when nothing needs to be saved. Your state of Being is
    untouched by this world. The voice within the mind that resists what
    has been said here is the Doer. The Doer seeks comfort and invents
    stories of success, righteousness and salvation in order to manufacture
    such a feeling. But comfort is always temporary. And so is pain. Two
    sides of the same coin, made of the same ingredients. And there appears
    to be no shortage of things for the Doer to do in this world. But Being
    existed before and exists after. Doing goes in circles. Being is