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    Sainte-Agnès -- Highest Seaside Village in Europe (French Riviera)


    par lisafalour

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    You can see the Mediterranean from here, yet it's way up in the Maritime Alps. This is a place where the Maginot Line (which I mispronounce on the clip, sorry) held.

    The French Riviera has many "villages perches" (perched villages) and they really are stunning -- and hard to get to! You're down on the beach, then up above in one of these places. Driving here is a rare thrill. The Côte d'Azur is quite wonderful.

    It might have just been my mood, but I found the ambiance in this lovely village very fraught. I had a strong feeling of pain, suffering and sadness. There's an old military stronghold you can visit here during Summer months. This is not a place for people who fear heights, perhaps.

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