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    The World's Mysterious Places Part 2


    by JEMSTER

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    Another whistle-stop tour of the strangest places to be seen on Google Earth...

    The 20981 Hill.
    The Montana Stonehenge.
    Tarxien, Hagar Qim and Mnadjra in Malta.
    Nicosia, Cyprus and the green line that divides it, visible along the edge of the old city.
    Noah's Ark on Mount Ararat.
    Land graffitti in China.
    Xian pyramids, tombs of the emperors.
    The 221433 Ruins in China, with my own names for the features.
    The Pine Gap Installation, Australia.
    The Pen and Pad.
    The Harbours of Lake Titicaca
    ... and Machu Picchu, stronghold of the Incas.