My Little Disney: Out of Thin Air

Daga Yemar

by Daga Yemar

There are three Disney songs I love above all others. I already did one of them, "God Help the Outcasts", and the second is still yet to come, but this one here is definitely the third of the group. There's a good chance it's even better than the other two, and coming from someone who has listened with painstaking detail to every Disney song ever made, that's saying something.

This song hits me harder than any sweeping orchestral, moving duet, or show-stopping number ever could. By the grace of the gods I didn't grow up without either of my parents, but this song... You can FEEL it, even if you've never experienced loss like that yourself. Every time I listen to it I tear up and I' not ashamed to admit it. And this from a sequel! The kind of movie that is phoned in most of the time!

It's a common theme in Disney that every main character has at least one parent that is gone (with only one exception and no, it's not the one you're thinking of), but this was the first Disney movie that ever explored what that might mean. It did something that I didn't even think was possible: it made the Aladdin series deeper and more meaningful. It turned Aladdin, who was just an average protagonist without much depth, into an actual person. And for that alone I will claim that Aladdin and the Forty Thieves is the best sequel.

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