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    Ancient Humans Benefited From Climate Change

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    by Geo Beats

    Ancient humans benefited from climate change.

    A new study claims that rapid climate change influenced prehistoric human culture and advances in Stone Age technology.
    Changes in weather, specifically warmer weather with more precipitation, might have allowed ancient humans to flourish.

    Analysis of marine sediment that functions as a record of the Earth’s climate for the past 100 thousand years has led researchers to a theory about a connection between human cultural evolution and weather.

    The sediment sample was taken off the coast of South Africa, where modern Homo sapiens are believed to have lived thousands of years ago based on archaeological evidence.

    When researchers compared the significant changes in climate to human technological and cultural advancements, they found striking correlations.

    Researchers believe that the warmer weather changed environmental conditions and allowed for groups of ancient people to connect and share ideas while broadening their social structures.

    Martin Ziegler from Cardiff University in Wales said: “There is a very good fit between rapid climate change and the occurrence and disappearance of these first evidences of modern behavior in early humans.”