National Zoo Reunites Two Elephants

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Smithsonian's National Zoo reunites two elephants.

Elephants and people are a lot alike. Elephants have been known to both cry and suffer depression when a loved one is lost.

Acknowledging the importance of social bonds for the animal, the National Zoo has reunited two long-lost pachyderm buddies.

Bozie, who’s been living in Baton Rouge, and Shanthi met years ago at Sri Lanka’s Elephant Orphanage department of Wildlife Conservation.

They will be living with two other elephants, one of which is Shanthi’s 11-year-old offspring.

Don Moore, a zoo director, said, “Social interaction is key to an elephant’s mental and physical well-being. We do everything we can to encourage these natural social bonds.”

The bonds elephants make aren’t always with like species.

At a sanctuary in Tennessee, one elephant’s best friend is a dog.

They both know they’re not the same, but it doesn’t stop them from eating, resting, and playing together.

In fact, when the pup suffered a spinal chord injury and was immobilized for three weeks, her elephant pal stood vigil just outside the window.