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    Tarangalu - Episode - 43


    by teluguserials

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    Tarangalu revolves around a young couple Abhiram and Vaishali, who are
    deeply in love with each other. Vaishali is a medical student staying
    in Hyderabad where as her parents live in Vizag. One day Abhiram comes
    to know about a local mafia leader Rathode's role in the murder of his
    brother. Abhiram tries to attack Rathode out of rage and ends up in
    jail. Knowing this Vaishali comes back to Vizag to live with her
    father. Rathode takes advantage of this situation and tries to
    forcibly get engaged with Vaishali. How Vaishali gets out of the evil
    clutches of Rathode and how Abhiram saves his love forms the crux of
    the story.

    Starring - Dhanush, Prinyanka, Raju, Bhavani