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    Doctor Who: When you were young


    by bluemeany

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    Rose's song! YAY!

    Rose Tyler is bored. Then she meets a man called the Doctor, who takes her hand and shows her the turn of the Earth. And, as they travel across time and space, Rose begins to change; she becomes less human and more like the Doctor, more alien. They then get seperated in parrallel universes and Rose is alone again. But then using everything shes learnt from the Doctor and remembering she had the TARDIS vortex running through her head ( everyone still with me...yes?... good...) she realises that she can, every now and then, see what the Doctor sees; all of space and time, all that was, all that is, all that ever could be.... Intended (hopefully) to be all about growing up and Rose learning to live her life even though the Doctor's
    ... oh yes.... and of course, Tennant looks cute... :-)
    ... and Eccleston IS the Second coming...