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    The Hunt For Britains S4x Gangs HD


    by ErmmmTV

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    In 2010 Telford police allowed cameras to start filming what was to become one of the biggest child sex abuse cases in the UK.

    The investigation, Operation Chalice, eventually encompassed over 100 victims, and around 200 suspected perpetrators.

    The Hunt for Britain's Sex Gangs follows - with unprecedented access - a live police investigation, showing just how difficult it is to secure justice for victims of sexual abuse, especially when some girls were just 11 when they were first abused.

    Gaining the trust of victims - who as a result of the grooming process, don't see themselves as victims - is key to the success of the case, but it takes months for the police to win their trust and keep them on board as they prepare for the harrowing process of going to court.