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    MOOC Dropout: Kevin Werback Says Coursera For The Win


    by FORA TV

    MOOC Dropout: Kevin Werback Says Coursera For The Win
    Gamification Co - Concourse Exhibition Center
    Gamification is a hot growth industry, with billions of dollars in revenue and thousands of new jobs set to be created in the next decade. To accomplish this, organizations of all kinds will need to train and educate leaders of tomorrow on this critical discipline. But how do you teach a topic where core concepts are in a state of flux, examples and patterns are evolving rapidly and learners expect the entire experience to be fun and rewarding? Join Professor Werbach, teacher of the massively successful #Gamification12 MOOC as he discusses the hard-won lessons of teaching Gamification -- and how this understanding can make any training, education or development process more successful for your organization.

    Key Takeaways:Opportunities and dangers in the gamification of learning.Techniques for effective gamification in educational settings.How game thinking produced the highest engagement rates of any course on the Coursera massive online platform. (It's not what you think!)