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    The 4 Keys 2 Fun: Nicole Lazzaro Toys With Emotions



    The 4 Keys 2 Fun: Nicole Lazzaro Toys With Emotions
    Gamification Co - Concourse Exhibition Center
    Standing on top of a temple in Egypt I had a vision of how to change the world with play. Games and work both require decisions, only games are often more engaging. Today we can use what people are naturally inclined to do to architect systems of engagement to better themselves and their world. We can use these games to succeed where corporations and public service institutions have failed. We can use the psychology of fun to create games of engagement to make us happier and smarter, help us achieve our goals, solve challenging problems like poverty and climate change.

    Research shows that people who are in a happy engaged brain states are 50% more productive. We can use the emotions from play to create brain states that drive success in the workplace and in life. Over thirty years games have evolved techniques to create strong emotions that drive play. Ultimately these games can actually deliver public services, such as Tilt World a game to plant 1 million trees.

    Movies like Al Gore's Inconvenient Truth, viral videos like Kony 2012 raise awareness about important issues. Games, the medium of the 21st century, have the power to turn this awareness into action. In this talk we cover what brain states improve performance, how games create engagement to create these brain states, how to design the specific choices with the Four Keys to Fun, and ultimately how to amplify a game's impact on the player and the real world.

    More on the power of emotion in games: free white papers and on Nicole's blog