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    Bank Robber Wears Pretty, Bright Green Dress

    Geo Beats

    by Geo Beats

    A bank robber wears a bright green dress.

    Not all criminals wear the stereotypical garments.

    One suspect in Stuart, Iowa opted to be a little more fashionable, showcasing a lime green dress while perpetrating a heist. The photos show a female with long brown hair, but there is always a possibility that the clever thief was cross-dressing.

    The culprit strolled through the doors of First State Bank and passed a note to one of the tellers demanding money. After receiving the cash, the well-dressed robber departed the business.

    A witness reportedly saw the suspect crawl into the trunk of a late model blue sedan, which was parked in an alley.

    Recently, a man dressed up as a lady robbed a credit union in North Carolina. The roughly 6-foot tall male wore a black, polka dot dress with a lovely sweater on top.

    He accessorized the ensemble with a black curly wig, socks and pink slippers. This culprit used a similar technique and passed a note to the bank worker, demanding cash. He was able to flee from the scene without being apprehended.