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    Dongamogudu | Telugu | Full Movie

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    The movie opens with Chenchu Ramayya (Rao Gopal Rao) and Brahmaji (Gollapudi Maruti Rao) the most trusted workers of Ranganath falsely trap him in a murder case and tells him to leave the city with his daughter to escape from the police. They tell Savitri (Jayanthi), wife of Ranganath, that her husband and daughter had died. Years passes by. Raviteja (Chiranjeevi) is an owner of a saree company. His wife Lalitha (Madhavi) is a spoilt women who is more interested in parties and clubs. She always neglects her husband. Ravi Teja is not happy with his married life and hence he falls for his personal secretary Priya (Bhanu Priya). They both go to a hill station to spend some quality time when Veeru Dada somes there claiming Priya as his wife. In a fight with Veeru Dada Priya is killed and Ravi Teja is blamed as a murderer. With the photos shot while killing Priya, Chenchu Ramayya and Brahmaji blackmail Ravi Teja and spoil his image in the society. Ravi Teja tries to kill himself but then Nagaraju (Chiranjeevi) comed for his rescue. He assures Ravi Teja that he will sove all his problems. Nagarajugoes to Ravi Teja's office and house and sets all the problems. But then Chenchu Ramayyya and Brahmaji comes to know about Nagaraju and Ravi Teja's plan. Ravi Teja, Nagaraju, Lalitha, Priya and Geeta (Radhika) fools them and trie sto get back their property. How did Nagarju and Ravi Teja manage to do so forms the rest of the story.

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