The College Network Online Nursing Program: Dina Earns Her RN


by CollegeNetwork

41 views Since becoming an RN, Laurie knew she wanted to someday pursue a career in nursing education. As an RN with an associate's degree, she knew she'd have to further her education before she could start teaching others. When The College Network visited the hospital where Laurie worked, she learned about The College Network’s online RN to Master of Science in Nursing degree program and found it to be the perfect solution to her aspirations.

Because the program courses from The College Network were self-paced, Laurie found she still had time for work and family while completing her studies. The College Network's flexible online learning modules allowed Laurie to continue working full-time as an RN in a nursing home for the duration of her courses. Even after the birth of her son, the convenience of her program allowed Laurie to continue her studies without wavering. She recently graduated from the program and is looking forward to joining the workforce as a nursing education professional.

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