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    The College Network Online Nursing Program: Cathy Earns Her BSN


    by CollegeNetwork

    22 views For Cathy, the idea of becoming a nurse was a lifelong fascination. When she immigrated to the United States, she was finally presented with the opportunity to follow through with her dream. Cathy started by earning her Associate of Science in Nursing from a local university, but she always knew she wanted to earn a higher certification in her field. After attending a presentation from The College Network, she decided that an online BSN program was the ideal way to become a more educated nurse.

    At the completion of The College Network’s online nursing program, Cathy then was able to graduate with her Bachelor's of Science in Nursing degree, a qualification experts say will become a necessity for most nurses in the next ten years. As a Bachelor-certified RN, Cathy will enjoy a greater variety of career options and higher pay rate than many of her LPN and ASN-certified counterparts. More importantly, she'll be able to continue her lifelong pursuit of nursing.

    Cathy would like to encourage her fellow nurses to consider returning to school sooner rather than later. "Time doesn't wait for anybody," says Cathy. "Once an opportunity is lost, it can never be regained."

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