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    The Changing Shape of the Modern Man


    by BroadcastExchange

    The Changing Shape of the Modern Man

    Forget the broad, skinny and rounded, new research shows how men's body shapes have changed

    For years men came in three basic body shapes -- Broad, Skinny and Rounded. But now researchers have identified seven major new profiles -- the Nacho, Pear, String Bean, Tomato, Brick, Snowman and Cucumber -- to represent the changing figure of the Great British bloke.

    According to the comprehensive 'Body Report', conducted by leading menswear retailer Jacamo, most men are going pear shaped. Almost half (49 per cent) of the sample identify themselves as pear-shaped and carrying a little extra weight around the middle, 15 per cent think they're a sleek straight up and down Cucumber, while the rounded Tomato represents one in ten (10.4 per cent).

    Jacamo's 'Body Report' took an in-depth look at the changing shape of man and his relationship with his figure too, unveiling that blokes suffer from the same body confidence issues as women.

    On average, blokes rate themselves five out of ten for attractiveness and interestingly most men (14 per cent) pick their face as their best feature, closely followed by their bums (11 per cent) and their chest (10 per cent).

    The once pear-shaped Ricky Gervais was voted the guy who best represents the average British man securing one in eight votes (12.5 per cent). Brick-like Robbie Williams came a close second with one in ten votes, followed by Cucumbers David Beckham and Freddie Flintoff (9.4 per cent and 7.4 per cent consecutively).

    The seven new body shapes:
    1. Pear -- a little bit larger around the middle
    2. Cucumber -- straight up and down with no extra weight
    3. Tomato -- slightly chubby all over
    4. Brick -- broad all over
    5. Nacho -- broad shoulders and slim waistline
    6. String bean -- very skinny and lean
    7. Snowman -- rounded around the stomach and chest creating a figure of eight like shape