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    Guru Peyarchi Palangal 2013


    by MusicAndChants

    Guru Peyarchi Palangal 2013 for Ashta Siddhi & Nava Nidhi

    Lord Sri Guru Bagavan has the qualifications that shows the power to the human beings. The speciality of Lord Guru Bagavan is the "ashdamaasitti" which means the eight types of mystic powers. Besides that, a person with these special qualifications will definately gets the pure blessings and tejas from Lord Guru Bagavan. The qualifications are: Intellectuality, rich, discipline, caring with family, teaching mind, diplomatic and etc. These good attitudes and behaviours may be the staircase for an individual in order to enrich the power of Lord Sri Guru Bagavan in his/her life and keep on to achieve in their life. This concludes to us that Sri Guru Bagavan is the dominator of a house. At the same time, Lord Sri Veera Hanuman which stands strongly and blessing to the devotees has also got this eight types of mystic power and nine types of wealthyness. Among the nine planets, Lord Brahma and Dhachanamurthy are the main controllers of Guru. Lord Brahma who are the creater of this world had tried to fight with Sri Veera Hanuman, but he failled and realized that Sri Veera Hanuman was the brave, strong and owns an extra-ordinary power. While Sri Hanuman went to study with Lord Suria Bagavan (sun), Lord Suria Bagavan had noticed and get surprised with the power and strongness of Hanuman. He then said, "dear Hanuman, you have the extra-ordinary power!. In braveness and intelectuality, you had prooved your intelectuality and cleverness that are more and more powerfull than Brishasbathy, Guru Bagavan. You are a special intelect and tremendous creature in this world. You will gets whatever you wants in this world. At the same time, you will also blessed with a power to teach all the people in this world. Since of that, you are the best teacher among the best, you are the "karpaga Virutcham". You are the god that blessed all the creatures in this world,"
    Lord Hanuman has the power to bestow on His devotee, the eight-fold supernatural powers of Yogis (Astasiddhi) and the nine kinds of wealth of Kubera (Navanidhi).

    That is Hanuman shall be able to grant eight kinds of siddhis and nine kinds of wealth which he possesses to any seeker.

    (i) Ashta Siddhi (eight siddhis) in Hinduism:

    Animaa=ability to become small and tiny.
    Mahimaa=ability to increase size at will.
    Garimaa= ability to make oneself very heavy.
    Laghimaa=ability to become light.
    Praapti= ability to acquire things at will.
    Praakaamaya= a will power that cannot be resisted by any person or objects.
    Ishitva= to acquire superiority over persons or entities.
    Vashitva=ability to subdue others to one's will. Or having freedom at will.

    (ii) Nava-nidhis or nine types of wealth are:

    Mahaapadma, Padma, Shankha, Makara, Kacchapa, Mukunda, Kunda, Neela, and Kharva.

    Mahapadma (Divine lotus)
    Padma (Lotus)
    Shankha (Conch-shell)
    Makara (Crocodile)
    Kachhapa (Tortoise)
    Mukunda (Quick silver)
    Kunda (jasmine)
    Neelam (Blue sapphire)
    Kharva (a Dwarf).

    Recited By: Sri. P. S. Raghuraman, Sri. Malolakannan, Sri. Jagadeesa Bhatt under the guidance of Dr. R. Thyagarajan with the help of the famous Music Director Mr. V.R. Manickavinayagam.