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    Bono, Olivia Wilde And Richard Branson Join Matt Damon's "Toilet Strike"


    by IBTimes



    Richard Branson, Olivia Wilde and Bono are the most recent celebrities to publicly declare their support for Matt Damon's "toilet strike" in a PSA, released Wednesday (May 22). In doing so, they announced their protest of the global water crisis and pledged "…not to go to the bathroom until everyone in the whole world has access to clean water and sanitation."

    On February 12th, Matt Damon held a mock press conference in which he originally announced his "toilet strike." This latest PSA comes as a follow up to Jessica Biel, Jason Bateman andJosh Gad's March 13th declaration to show their support for the Toilet Strike. Branson, Wilde and Bono are the latest to commit to take action in an attempt to accelerate movement towards providing safe water and sanitation to the 2.5 billion people who do without.

    In the PSA, Branson, Wilde and Bono express their support for the strike, and tell how Damon convinced them to take action. Bono says, "I remember when Matt first brought up the idea. It was a meeting of the Illuminati, actually." Branson, Wilde and Bono remark on the heated nature of the conversation that ensued, and how they were ultimately won over by Damon's plea.

    Co-founder of, Damon makes an appearance in the PSA, inviting all to "Join the millions of famous people who've already joined" his strike at

    The PSA can be found at


    (Video Source: REUTERS)