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    Children Of The Full Moon

    Mária Virág

    by Mária Virág

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    While driving in a lonely road with his wife Sarah (Celia Gregory) for their honeymoon in the cottage of his partner, the just-married lawyer Tom (Christopher Cazenove) has mechanical troubles with his car almost losing control. He parks the car and decides to walk in the woods with Sarah trying to find a telephone. They arrive in an isolated mansion and are welcomed by the bizarre Hungarian owner Mrs. Ardoy (Diana Dors), who lives with two dogs and eight foster children. Sarah and Tom are lodged to spend the night, when weird events happen. On the next morning, Tom is in a hospital recovering from a car wreck with Sarah and concludes that he had dreamed. When they return to their daily life, a pregnant Sarah has an intense sexual appetite and cooks only meat, while Tom is intrigued with his dream.

    This episode of "Hammer House of Horror" has a promising premise, but in the end limits to be predictable and flawed. The first scene, with the blonde little girl in the woods with the dogs, discloses the secret of the plot. Tom has an inconsistent behavior, afraid while escaping from the beast, and climbing the window to investigate the surrounding area. Further, he initiates a discussion unarmed about werewolf with an odd woodsman with an ax in his hands. Anyway, this werewolf tale entertains. My vote is eight.