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    Has The World Stopped Beliebing? Bieber Booed At Billboard Awards


    by IBTimes


    The music industry celebrated Sunday evening with the Billboard Awards which celebrate the industry’s top artists as decided by chart performances, number of downloads and total airplay. One of the big winners was country star Taylor Swift who walked away with 8 nods. But not all stars shined- as pop star Justin Bieber was booed on stage when he collected his third award of the evening. 

    Bieber shot to fame from YouTube and has been a pop star since 2008 but recent behavior and scandal has led many to believe that the 19 year old could be falling from grace. Rumors of meltdowns and strange behavior beg the question has the world stopped beliebing?Bieber has been in hot water over turning up late to concerts, the scandal around his pet monkey, scuffles with photographers, his strange message to Anne Frank and the odd images that circulated of the star wearing a gas mask in public. In addition his own health came into question when he fainted on stage and was hospitalized due to shortness of breath.The young star when accepting the third award, asked that people respect that it’s about the music by saying “I’m an artist and I should be taken seriously and all this other bull should not be spoken”.The booing of the young star may be an indication that the world has taken notice of the scandal and the rumors of the meltdowns and may show that when it comes to being a pop star it’s not just about the music. So could Justin Bieber be the next star to fall from grace?