Coyote Covered in Cacti Spines Rescued

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A coyote covered in cactus spines is saved and released into the wild.

Animals and sharp objects can often lead to heartbreaking sights.

A coyote pup is lucky to be alive after having a run-in with a cactus in Arizona.

85-year-old, Gwen Maxwell discovered the wild critter running across the street. Initially, she thought the creature was a dog, but soon realized it was a baby coyote, partially covered in clumps of cholla cacti.

The animal’s face, upper body and back legs contained the spiky clusters. Maxwell contacted a neighbor for help and soon, maintenance workers from a nearby golf course arrived on the scene.

Using pliers, the crew was able to cut the spines and cacti groups loose. The male coyote remained calm through the painful ordeal. Once all of the sharp thorns were removed, the pup ran to his mother and they took off together.

Last year, a bulldog from Oklahoma named Bella Mae lived through a horrifying confrontation with a porcupine.

The encounter resulted in her receiving emergency veterinary care for 500 quills protruding from her body and face.