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    Airline Accidently Sends Couple 7,000 Miles Away From Their Destination

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    An airline accidentally sends a couple 7,000 miles away from their intended destination.

    One couple's spontaneity was recently tested by an airline.

    They were flying from Los Angeles to Dakar in West Africa. And they did make it to a flight but one that was headed to Dhaka, South Asia.

    In total, the couple was approximately 7,000 miles away from their intended destination. The unfortunate incident occurred several months back and they have been trying to get some form of compensation for the error made by Turkish Airlines.

    The female passenger stated “I have called them every Friday for the past four months. They told me each time that they will review my case and get back to me. But they never do.”

    Once the couple landed in Asia, it took about 9 hours to correct the situation and get them back on their planned path of travel. The seemingly simple mistake that caused the problem was a ticket misprint which had the wrong three-letter airport code.

    Have you ever been on a wrong flight by accident?