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    Honeybees Trained to Detect Explosives

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    by Geo Beats

    Honeybees are trained to detect explosives.

    Scientists are trying to train honeybees to see if they can detect landmines.

    By training the insects to identify food with the smell of explosives, researchers in Croatia are hoping they can use the bees to detect the presence of left over land mines from the Balkan Wars.

    90 thousand landmines were reportedly placed randomly across the country of Croatia, and since 1991, 25 hundred deaths have been caused by landmine explosions.

    Usually dogs or rats are used to find the unexploded landmines, but sometimes they set off the explosions themselves due to their weight.

    Using the bees would allow the mines to be removed rather than explode.

    Rats have successfully cleared many landmines in parts of Africa.

    African pouched rats have proven to be effective at smelling the TNT explosives used in landmines.

    The rats are trained from a young age for nine months using food reward techniques when they correctly identify the presence of TNT.