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    Florida’s Crime Rate Hits 42 Year Low

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    Florida's crime rate hit a 42 year low.

    The Florida Department of Law Enforcement reported recently that the state’s crime rate is at a 42-year low.

    The lower numbers also proved to be the case for Palm Beach County. The popular vacation destination reported a 3 percent drop in most types of incidents in 2012 when compared to the year prior.

    In terms of violent crime, the state overall posted a decline in violent crime, however, the Palm Beach area saw an unfortunate increase in murders.

    There was also a significant spike in the number of rapes, escalating from 340 in 2011 to 381 in 2012.

    Some communities in south Florida had above-average crime declines. Broward County reported double-digit improvements in Pembroke Pines, Plantation, and Margate.

    Statewide the number of firearm related attacks fell 2 percent. Agencies remain committed to getting guns off of the streets.

    Officials attribute the improved safety in the lower part of the state to regional authorities combining their investigative efforts.

    Miami was, nonetheless listed in the top 20 on the FBI’s latest compilation listing of most dangerous cities in the US.