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    Etsy Shop Offers Lion Mane Hats for Cats

    Geo Beats

    by Geo Beats

    An Etsy shop offers lion mane hats for cats.

    As most pet owners already know, once animals get comfortable, they learn to rule the house.

    An Etsy storefront offers headwear for kitties.

    The costume-like hats essentially turn a domestic animal into a lion. The image that the caps convey is symbolic of ruling the jungle or in this case, a private residence.

    The handmade pieces contains a face opening, allowing the pooch or feline's adorable features to stand out prominently behind the mane of golden, synthetic fur.

    The head coverings, complete with protruding ears, measure about 3 inches in diameter. They possess side flaps which attach by Velcro under the animal’s chin.

    There is a booming market for pet fashion. Another website, offers tank tops, costumes, dresses and accessories, made specifically for the small rodents.

    Photos depict the furry creatures decked out in vibrant colored clothing. One image showcases a furry model staring at the camera, wearing only a straw hat with accompanying blonde hair extensions.