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    Ex-Votos at Notre Dame de Laghet (France)


    par lisafalour

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    Notre Dame de Laghet has an interesting history full of disputes and miracles. I visited on a Sunday afternoon in May, 2013. Large groups were doing the "nine turns" and engaging in prayer together, so I stayed out of their way and enjoyed the many, many ex votos on display. A sister also unlocked the little museum and gave me a quick tour. Ex votos are done before an event, and could represent, say, the wish to pass an important test/exam, or after an event, in thanks for grace obtained, such as surviving war, illness, an accident at work, et cetera.

    Few of these were done professionally. Most are in a naïve, sometimes primitive style. None date from before the Revolution, as all were destroyed then. They are very moving.

    I focused on a statue of Saint Thérèse of Lissieux, who is a recent saint and of particular interest to me personally.

    Of course, the French Riviera is lovely, and Laghet is likely worth your trouble to get to. It wasn't easy then, and it isn't easy now -- the terrain is quite something.

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