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    No Omega - "Sleeping In" Throatruiner Records


    by BlankTV

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    No Omega - "Sleeping in" Throatruiner Records A BlankTV Feature!

    Artist city, country: Stockholm, Sweden

    Artist Biography: No Omega is hopeless and heartbreaking doomsday hardcore punk. Since their forming in 2010, No Omega have been working hard on creating a sound that's both vibrant and melancholic. The idea of No Omega is to fuse a furious hardcore sound with a sludgier, more dark, melodic and resolute post-metal sound. No Omega always aim at writing something new; something that doesn't sound like everything else. The guitars are heavy, the vocals are filled with power and emotion, and the drums shift between straight up thrash/punk to lumbering and brooding metal.

    No Omega's debut EP came out in 2011. Over 100 shows and six European tours later: No Omega's first album came out on 12" vinyl and CD in 2012 - nine tracks of dark, crushing - yet melodic - hardcore. The record titled 'Metropolis' was a three-way-release by labels: TDON Records (UK), Get This Right Records (US) and Monument (SWE). No Omega crafted a modern hardcore record that touches the post-hardcore roots that Sweden is known for, as well as showing the originality of the band as a collective whole.

    Second album (LP) will be out through renowned French label Throatruiner Records in Spring 2013. A lot has happened since 2010 and the band has managed to form a pretty solid foundation to build upon. Both the music and the lyrics are more experienced. It's a lot more polished and finished in a fashion. The love for experimenting is still there. The love for expressing angst and fixating on the darker and more negative aspects of life and of our species is still there. The love for heavy and melodic post/modern hardcore is still there. 2013 will be a year of constant touring and, hopefully, taking No Omega to the next level.

    "If the music is loud we won't hear the sound of the world falling apart"

    Director Name: Niclas Lindahl
    Director Link:
    Producer Name: Niclas Lindahl & No Omega

    About The Video: The song, as well as the video tells the story of a very depressed young girl. Ruined by the everyday routine, emptiness and entrapment that this society brings us. She decides do end it. The video describes the reality we live in. We want to call attention to these problems, both to the prison that life in our modern day society has become for many people, but also of depression and suicide. We want to make it clear that No Omega does not want anyone to commit suicide. And if you or a friend is suffering from depression and/or suicidal thoughts - there is support and help to be found. Go to where you can also find phone numbers to help-lines in your country.

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    Label Name: Throatruiner Records
    Label Website:

    Song Lyrics: Sleeping in
    it puts me to sleep
    i dig into this frozen dirt to see what lies beneath
    i dig into frozen dirt to be
    in a worthless, cold and empty grave
    for a man so sick no god could ever save
    so this leads me to believe that I shrink become thin
    and that love is a lottery I'll never win
    it's not your fault
    but still i'm losing faith in
    everyone i know
    so this leads me to believe that I shrink become thin
    still i'm losing faith in everyone i know
    and that life is a lottery, that I'll


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