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    Parisian commuter trains (RER) - Maintenance facility

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    In the sixties, at the opening of the Parisian regional transport network, everything seemed perfect : commuters were given a brand new network to ease and accelerate their daily commute.
    However, for nearly forty years, almost nothing has been done to adapt trains and infrastructures to the constant evolution of transportation needs of the region.
    Nowadays, like in the « Sleeping Beauty » fairy tale, the old network is still waiting to be awakened not by a soft and gentle kiss but by a pouring rain of public money.
    Unfortunately, right in the middle of the economic crisis, public authorities are unable to raise the funds and worse, seem to have definitly lost the "almighty" magic wand to solve the problem !
    Anyway, despite that report, the public transport authority has to maintain the rolling stock as well as they can.
    In 2010 to see how they deal with that task, I had the opportunity to visit one of the most important maintenance facilities located in Sucy-en-Brie (southeastern suburbs of Paris).