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    Allama Zameer Akhtar: Maula Ali(a.s) Is The Source Of Economics For Muslim Ummah! (P2\3)

    Markaz-E-Uloom E-Islamia

    by Markaz-E-Uloom E-Islamia

    * Ref: Surah-e-Juma(Al-Quran) Last Ayah!
    * What Does Meant By "RAZIQ"
    * Why Prophet Muhammad(saw.a.w) Had Been Engage In War With Jews In Khyber..?
    * Muslim Economics and Battle Of Khyber
    * Jew Is Only Nation In The World Who Likes To Store, GOLD,SILVER,MONEY,etc
    * Jews Are The Richest Nation In The World
    * They Hold All The Coperate Media and Banking
    * What Is Fort?
    * "By The Lauching Of New T.V Channels, There Is A Gradual Short Fall Of Electricity Has Been Obeserve and Nobody Took Notice About...
    * Whole World Knows That Shittes Dont Have any Materialistic Power But After All They Afraiding Us...
    * Most Scared Animal For All Jews IS "Donkey"
    * Ref: Sahi Bhukhari {Meat Of Donkey Hab Been Prohibbited Since Khyber}
    * The Most Holiest Animal Used By Prophet Muhammad(saw.a.w) is Horse{Zuljinah}
    * Shias Followed Quran in Every Aspect of Life
    * Story Of Battle Of Khyber