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    Louisville Master Players - Dreaming Of You


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    This is another rendition by an anonymous Grey Gull studio band, in which Mike Mosiello might have performed during this particular session in September of 1929. As is so often the case, these unidentified musicians appear to be remarkably skillful. Since the band is unidentified and no visual material was available, some related sheet music was included. It is interesting to know this side features a Mosiello composition. Since none of Mosiello's many compositions seem to have been published the only source for these are the credits on the original records issued. A list of known such Mosiello compositions and issues includes: Adeline (Grey Gull 1821); Antoinette I Love You (Madison 50023); Baby Mine (Grey Gull 1878, Van Dyke 81878); Blue Ridge Blues (Grey Gull 1819, Supreme 1819, Van Dyke 81819); Blue Waters (Grey Gull 1845, Van Dyke 81845, Madison 5087); Come Again (Grey Gull 1780, Van Dyke 71780; also issued as Darlingest); Carolina (Madison 6024; possibly also issued as Virginia on Madison 6009); Crying For You (Grey Gull 1876); Dream Boy (Grey Gull 1847); Dreaming Of You (Grey Gull 1785, Van Dyke 71785); Hittin' Em Low (Grey Gull 1891); Italian Waters (Grey Gull 1750, Van Dyke 71750); Just Blues (Grey Gull 1739, Supreme 1739, Radiex 909, Van Dyke 71739, Madison 1649); Just Once More (Grey Gull 1783, Van Dyke 71783); Just You Honey (Grey Gull 1798; also issued as That Wicked Stomp on Grey Gull 1888 and as Waiting For You on Grey Gull 1890); Linda (Grey Gull 1888); Lonesome Me (Madison 5069); Love Me Dear (Grey Gull 1877); Necking Nellie Home (Madison 50009); Step On It (Madison 50009); Stomp Along (Grey Gull 1749, Phonycord 563; also issued as Black Stomp); Sweetheart It's You (Van Dyke 81891; also issued as Emilia on Grey Gull 1752 and Radiex 1752); Sweet Henry (Grey Gull 1822); Two Red Lips (Van Dyke 914, Madison 5063; also issued as I Found My Sunshine Under An Umbrella on Madison 50011); Wow Wow Blues (Grey Gull 1751, Van Dyke 901, 5001 & 71751, Madison 5001, 50001 & 1935, Goodson 156; on some issues renamed Ja Da Blues); You Ought To See Her Now (Grey Gull 1779, Van Dyke 71779).