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    Camron & diplomats - Dipset Smack DVD


    par tchaliss

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    Rich Mundo
    I don't KNow Justin TImberlake, SO Don't associate me With that Alpha Dog Role, I roll With Mine, Can't A nigga in his right Mind Kidnapp My Time, Thts my 3 year old Mind, 10 years behind, for the Future of Hands On, Calluses, and Dead SKin, Recycle it Like Gold Member, Off the Dome, SO Go to Rome, Better off trying to Ride Shotgun with the Pope, Then Selling Me COke Stories, When Coca Cola got about 40 stories, From Techwood, TO yo Hood, Just Do it, Fiend Like Born Everyday, Im Thinking My Money Must Be on Extended Stay, Put up Missing Signs, Niggas don't see the signs of the Times, Nino Anybody, FUck a Teflon Vest, Ooops they Caught they bullet, Call em a saint, I got Maria You KNOw Meeting of the Minds, Getting me on My Grind, Money off the Top Mami, Univision, this aint not Gala, and I aint Slim or Flaca, Yall just better start liking, Equivalent to paying me, No Handshake DA Man, THIS SHIT IS HIGH DEMAND< WHO GOT THE MONEY, THats the Supply FUCKERS!!!!!!!!
    Par Rich MundoIl y a 7 ans
    Par SeYzeRIl y a 7 ans
    Rich Mundo
    If this aint off the top, well off with my top, Im talking bout my shirt, so prove me wrong, period end of you lames, Like Jimmy the capo, now he wanna be the boss, so give him control, like Janet, And Dupri, Like Jermaine, I aint Baby Shaq, Im big talk without Contradictions, So when I say Killa, Know Im Iller, These dudes trying to spit at me, then wipe me down, We dont play that, Ill cut ya dreads down and make u hold ya head down, thats cause Im in ya wife, so Hold Ya head down, I dont Do That, No Menage a Trois, Just Mano y Mano, U and Me Girl, So tell Ya Goosebump GIrls I dont date or even look at African-American girls in a sexual way, I got 4 sisters like that and thats that, So Call them the 1% riding with the illuminati organization, way worse than la cosa nostra, We Dick Cheney, now let me shoot you and then Apologize, Like Buns in Belly, I dont C section, So im neva having Babies, So GEt like Angelinas Kids and cherish ya deal
    Par Rich MundoIl y a 7 ans
    C'est un free style bonde de noobi u_u
    Par big_shopperIl y a 7 ans
    c koi le titre
    Par qde76Il y a 7 ans
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